Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my beautiful amazing wife, Michelle.  Everyday is more special because of you!  

Here is a cake I made for her, not the best but it is her favorite "mythical" beast.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Easy Easter Sign

So hard to believe that Easter is right around the corner. Hover the past 3 weeks I have been working on a project with my niece and nephew for this beautiful time of year.

Items needed:

Wood (or cardboard)
White paper with a rabbit pattern
Cotton balls
Glitter (any color will work)
String (yarn, ribbon, or string)

I had two small pieces of wood line around I thought would be fun to use for small project.  A few days before I worked on the project with the kids I painted wood black to help make the project that we were going to do stand out a little better.  

After the wood was painted I had the kids each pick out a color of glitter that they really enjoyed luckily I have a huge selection of Martha Stewart glitter but any glitter color work for this, once they pick out the colors I wrote in glue Happy Easter and then they were able to sprinkle glitter onto that part.  

Next I printed out some egg patterns in addition to two plain rabbits I also put out some plain white paper to let the kids choose what they want to color.  I was lucky that the kids each chose rabbits and I let them glue the rabbits and then we added cotton balls on top of the rabbits to make it look like fur. Glue is fun and my two kids really loved it, so our project took a while to dry.  Once the glue dried and the cotton balls secure, the kids drizzled some more glitter on top of the cotton balls.  And the sprinkled whatever color the wanted.  Then the rabbits were glued to the wood.  I used twine to hang our Easter decoration, but you can use anything such as yarn, string or ribbon.

This was such a cute project, even if you don't have any wood, use cardboard.

Happy Easter!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

It's hard to believe it is now 2014, where did 2013 go?  I have some big plans for 2014, not only for this blog but also for our website  Stay tuned and Happy New Year!!