Thursday, March 31, 2011

Make Your Own Easter Basket

Easter is right around the corner and here is a fun project for the kids to work on on evening or during the weekend.  I used to make my own Easter baskets out of old cool whip containers.  I would make enough for everyone in my family I would do some chores around the house and take the money I earned to buy grass and candy for my baskets.  Then on Easter I would pass out (or hide) my special gifts to my family.

What you will need:
*Cool Whip (or plastic container), washed and cleaned out.
*Easter basket grass or a free item white paper or green construction paper cut into strips.
*Markers or paint
*Piece of yarn or string

Extra Items*Glue, Glitter and Easter Candy

1.  Of course your kids can decorate the outside of their "basket" with markers or paint.  Picking the pastel colors will make the basket feel more like spring, but remember this is a project for the kids, so let them pick the colors they want to use.  If you are feeling really creative and you have glitter somewhere around the house, pour some glue into a paper cup and let your kids "paint" the basket with glue.  When the basket is covered in glue, sprinkle glitter all over the outside of the basket.

Hint:  Dollar stores have packs of glitter for $1.00.  This is always great to have around the house for special projects.

2.  Allow the basket to dry for 8 hours, but overnight would be best. 

3.  If you are using traditional Easter grass then you don't have to do the next step, however kids might think it's more fun to make their own grass.  Cut into strips some green construction paper or plain while paper.  If they don't like the look of plain white paper, before you cut the paper have them color the paper green with their markers.  The paper grass works better than traditional Easter grass because it is safer for smaller children and pets, and the kids will have a blast making their own grass.

4.  If you want have your children do some chores around the house to earn some money to buy some Easter candy or other fun spring items, like chalk to put in the Easter baskets.  Or they can get really crafty and make little gifts for people in the family. 

Our next post will include some fun crafty gift ideas.

Hoppy Spring!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tip for clean carpets. Spray foam shaving cream on carpet stains, let stand 30 min, then rub with a sponge & vacuum.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crafting Teens. The Washington Post reports teens are crafting as a way to get creative. Easter ideas from Family Circle
Great Tip: Fill votive candle holders w 1/2 inch of water before inserting candles; the liquid prevents wax from adhering to the vessel.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Good news that bad behavior will get you in trouble....Warner Bros. "terminated Charlie Sheen's services on 'Two and a Half Men' "
Why does it feel like summer? March is here and yet the weather feels like summer. Instead of these 80 degree temps, lets see some rain and temps in the 60's.