Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Window Decoration

I hang up a skeleton in my kitchen window that lights up from the kitchen light in the evening. My nephew loves it, so I told him we could make one for his window that is similar.

Items needed:
-wax paper
-orange paint and a paint brush
-an optional item is glitter

Lay out some old newspaper on the table just in case the wax paper has a tear in it.  Then lay out a long strip of wax paper.  I squirted some paint onto the wax paper and the kids painted the wax paper. Believe it or not, but the kids spent 20 minutes painting the wax paper.  I then let them sprinkle some glitter on the paint.  It took about 2 hours for the paint to dry.  Depending on the kids ages, either they can cut out a pumpkin shape or you can help them with it.  If you want you can even cut out a mouth and eyes.  These look great taped to your windows, you can see them during the day and night they create a spooky silhouette.

Happy Halloween

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fall Craft / Greeting Card

So of course it's been a while since I have posted anything fun, mostly because I have been busy.  Today  I am going to post two great fall art projects.

The first one is a great leaf shadow art project.  As you are out taking a walk with the kids, search for a variety of leaves.  Out here in Arizona our leaf selection is limited, which is why we pretty much used small leaves.  

Have the kids tape some of their leaves down on a piece of paper and then place another piece of paper on top of the leaves.  The paper they place down on top of the leaves can be any color, however white works the best.

Then I gave the kids fall crayon colors, of course the kids can use whatever they wanted.  As the kids look the sheet the leaf pattern will begin to show up, very clearly including all the veins of the leafs.  You can then have the kids write a special note to a loved one and then let them mail their special greeting. Such a great art project and fall greeting card as well.