Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fun Summer Birdhouse

My nephew has been wanting to make a birdhouse for a while.  So I wanted to create one where he could paint it and yet it could withstand the summer temps out here.  So I saved a gallon water container and let him paint it.  

While it was drying, we went and picked a twig from outside.  When it was finally dry I cut two larger openings on each side where the bird seed could go, and then I cut two smaller holes right below the larger opening so that the twig could go right through.  The twig would become the perch for the birds.

And then to finish it,I attached a small chain to the lid of the water container, of course if you don't have a small chain, rope or even a strong ribbon will work.  Such a great project for kids of any age, and if you don't have any birdseed around the house the neighborhood birds will love some day old bread.